The Petty Biennial, co-curated by La Keisha Leek and Sadie Woods, is an exhibition project that complicates dominant narratives of contemporary cultural, social, and political norms. It is a response to classist views towards communities of color and marginalized art practices. At the intersection of race, gender and sexuality, featured artists showcase a range of regional and national perspectives unique to North and Central Americas, and the Caribbean. The Petty Biennial is not a biennial itself, but a curatorial investigation towards queering the canon of traditional biennials. The project selected seventeen artists for its exhibition and an additional nine artists for ancillary programming. Works include video, painting, installation, performance and photography engaging in critical forms of authorship through hypervisibility and self-representation. 

Featuring Indira Allegra, Elizabeth Axtman, Bella Bahhs, Sofía Córdova, Kevin Demery, Alicia Everett, Ricardo Gamboa, Stephanie Graham, Brandon Markell Holmes, NIC Kay, Maya Mackrandilal, Yvette Mayorga, Oli Rodriguez, Arif Smith, twinskin, Darryl Terrell, Marcela Torres, Anna Martine Whitehead, Brittney Leeanne Williams, and Derrick Woods-Morrow. 


Press: Feeling Petty About the Art World? This Biennial is For You, Vice Creators

Presented by the University of Chicago’s Arts + Public Life Initiative, Co-curated with La Keisha Leek