Music Box Series I plays off of "spiritual astrology" and Saturn's karmic transits through the birth chart, this series take on themes of coming of age and pivotal points of maturation. Each music box represents a 7-year period from age 0-35 with reworked popular classics in varying keys as the soundtrack for each period. Contemplative reflection through sound and play with the sentimentality of relics create revisions of times past with a sense of nostalgia.

Music Box Series II is an original composition of Service (in this Bitch), a song written about the hospitality industry and customer satisfaction, arranged into 30-second loops in three part harmony, using dj/production aesthetics of sampling within the pop music.

Music Box Series III is a series of five readymade powered 18 note music box mechanisms constructed with found objects as resonators to accentuate sound qualities made from metal, wood, cardboard, plastic, and masonite. Music boxes are programmable with SparkCore and Arduino, and a potentiometer is used for variable speed control.