Hot Seven examines the notion of community and what it means to thrive with regard to issues and perspectives unique to diasporic populations in Chicago. Re-examining social responsibility and cultural agency, this exhibition will survey a conceptual and visceral people’s history with power structures, navigating dominant narratives and representation, and possibilities for resistance. These works highlight perspectives of what it means to be alive in a time/space of intersecting histories, geographies, and subjectivities providing a local homegrown narrative. Curated by Sadie Woods.

Hot SevenThe Chicago Brown at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. Featured artists include Orlando Camacho, Ricardo Gamboa, Amanda Gutiérrez, Josué Pellot, Alvaro Ramirez, Oli Rodriguez, and Vanessa Sanchez. Performances by Lily Be, Melissa DuPrey, and Soulphonetics. 


Presented by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Gene Siskel Film Center, and Independent Curators International

Hot SevenThe Chicago Breakdown at the Gene Sikel Film Center. Featured artists include Janice Bond, Ricardo Gamboa, Amanda Gutiérrez, Roberto Martinez, Oli Rodriguez, Darryl Terrell, and Darius Thomas. Performances by Eshovo, and Sol Patches and Eiigo.

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Presented by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Department of Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies