VOX POP Playlist

These song selections draw from social movements that grapple with the impact of colonization, the war on the poor, voting rights for the disenfranchised, the prison industry complex, identity pride, the struggle for freedom and sovereignty, and are juxtaposed with patriotic songs and historical speeches. The playlist is reflective of socio-political climates from the 60's to current day, featuring the likes of Angela Davis to Bomba Estereo.

This project is presented by artist Aram Han Sifuentes the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. For more information, visit Official Unofficial Voting Station: Voting for All Who Legally Can't and MCA DNA Blog.

Social Music

Social Music explores a history of Cognac within the cultural contexts of music and contemporary entertainment. First introduced to black soldiers by the French during the World Wars, Cognac has since been embedded in popular culture from the speakeasy to the club. The spirit has experienced a revival through celebrity branding endorsements, marketing  an image of coolness with images of musicians like Miles Davis, among many others.

When the late great Miles Davis was asked about his contribution to popular music and the genre dubbed as “jazz,” he replied “I don’t like that word jazz, I call it social music . . . social melodies in the air.” Inspired by his resistance to genre categorization, Social Music expands on this notion of popular music in relation to club culture, spanning decades and generations of musicians.

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This project is presented by artist Edra Soto and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. For more information, visit Open 24 Hours and MCA DNA Blog.