A Study in Rhyme & Song surveys the performance of identity as a form of social terrorism through the lens of children's rhymes and songs. The sound installation offers a critical perspective on notions of progress, of living in a post-racial nation, and of identity-based politics. A Study in Rhyme & Song  features a series of works, including  Easy ListeningTen Little Indians, and Then There Were None.

A Study in Rhyme & Song: Then There Were None

A Study in Rhyme & Song: Ten Little Indians

Thanks to the generous support of the 3Arts Artist Projects Grant and sponsors, I will be creating a mobile sound system to tour the performance throughout Chicago!

Special thanks to: 3Arts, Melissa Benedict, Tara Branham, Antonia Contro, Katie Dowling, Sabbah Elahi, Theo Germaine, Emily Green, Sarah Hoskins, Jacquelyn Jacunski, Caswell James, Mark Jeffery, Tonika Johnson, Melissa Farruggia, Scott Lundius, John Rivera, Zac Rivera, Lydia Ross, Leonard Suryajaya, Norman Teague, Nicole Terzich, Carlos Torres, Tricia Van Eck, Rick Woods, Avery R. Young, + anonymous donors.